Laptops Ultra Mobile PC

Of late computer sales has dropped due to the global financial crisis. Many laptop computer has started to drop their prices dramatically. Even so, there are also new models appearing in the shelves. These are not what you and I called the usual laptops that we are so used to. These are mini laptops, or UMPC for ultra mobile PC. They cater for a totally different group of computer enthusiasts. And they are selling well thanks to their very low pricing. You can easily get one for around $200 for the most basic with 80 Gb HDD and 1Gb of RAM.

UMPCs normally comes with a 7 inch screen or 9 inch screen. With built in goodies such as internal webcam and microphone, genuine windows software and Wifi ready, it is no wonder people opted for it. The cheap price is the major contributing factor for its popularity.

Before you rush off to get one, there are some points you need to know about these 1 kg. ultra mini weights. The processor that UMPC uses are typically very slow. You will be lucky to get one running at 1.3 GHz. At this speed, it will cost you more than perhaps one that runs at 700 Hz.
Another short coming of these little wonders is the lack of DVD drives. The manufacturers did not think it a necessity since thumb drives are the better alternatives to DVD drives. It also means they can sell the UMPC much cheaper.

Whatever your reason is for buying a UMPC, it is a laptop you would like to carry around to get some serious work done.